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Okay so Madness Day is in 2 days

2008-09-20 22:47:52 by hollowbullet

so far Iv been feeling like scratching my preloader idea seeing as I really cant fit it into anything right now... so Iv managed to get a really beta side scrolling game it work just don't know If I can make anything by that date.


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2008-09-21 12:49:48

so, you gonna submit tomorrow? btw, 1st comment WOOT.

hollowbullet responds:

nah prolly not seeing as its a good 2 days past due... oh well the engine is almost at beta... just need to find out how to incorperate jumping


2008-10-26 13:43:36

Yes, we know that you, unfortunately, have no flash for MD2008. When are you going to make a new post, already?

hollowbullet responds:

when I can show some repritable work most likely


2009-08-13 20:28:09

whoa this post is old.

hollowbullet responds: