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MIA I know

2009-08-18 21:02:04 by hollowbullet

I've been doing a lot of different things besides flash animating for a while and really haven't been that inspired to do any. I have also formatted my computer at least 5 times in the process so I"m just gettin back on track seeing as school starts tom for me. Also madness day in Sept :D cheers for now.


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2010-06-13 20:35:36



2010-08-10 16:05:46

come back animating madness unbreakable 4 !!!


2010-08-14 18:05:10

Why haven't you updated in such a long time?

hollowbullet responds:

been real busy with real life stuff. If the length of time it took me to respond to this comment isn't apparent enough.