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New Screenie

2008-01-22 20:02:19 by hollowbullet

Im makin considerable strides not in film length mind ou, but teqnique Ive been adding more complex situations to MU4 such as a mirror(with parreral objects that make sense in a 3 demensional point of view) then finally a new character desi ne of will. Though so far you can only see the beack of the head, and he does look a tad like Darth Vader.

New Screenie


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2008-01-28 19:07:13



2008-01-30 06:16:15

Umm the mirror of the guy is wrong it should be the other way round.
Other than that looks rather intresting O.o Tea for all.

hollowbullet responds:

shit your right lol ty for that man lol wou;dnet have even seen that XD


2008-04-04 14:54:52

I say! anyway cool!


2008-04-25 15:58:27