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Check your AS man

Right click - play didn't do anything. Good music for what its worth.

It was pretty good.

Only thing I would recommend is trying to increase your framerate as it was a bit chalky at times, that or my computer is utter shit. But anyways a framerate of at least 30 should give you smoother animation.

remember me?

hey dude nice to see that you are making movies I think that this one needs to be animated a bit more, kinda funny though conidering what was going on that day it fits nicely. 5/5

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lolved it

my stats:
time: 11:06:32.5
deaths: 71

awsome job I really like your creativity and hope you apply it to all of your future games

I wish I knew this things when I first started out

Hey thank you so much man I really appreciate the time, effort, and quality you put into this tutorial. The explanations where easy to understand and very well organized. And the BEST part was the voice overs you did for each animation for that I give you props. :D
Thanks again I'm gonna start using what I've learned here to finally get some descent FBF.

Magical-Arts responds:

Glad you found it useful :)

damn kids with your superior AS

lol loved it, plain and simple and too the point, nice mix with the colors as well lol looks like everyones surpasing my score, um but also man if you go into publish in Flash and disable sound you can get a lower file size so t will be 1 kb on re upload.

if everyone in the world died no one would care...

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animation baby

wouldn't you like to know :k

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